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  Frequently Asked Questions
  Why choose Richmond Languages?
  We are a friendly, local company who really care about our students' progress.
  How do I book?
  Click your selected course on our 'Home' or 'Programme' page, and follow the instructions to book or simply go directly to the 'Booking' page.
  Who can participate?
  Anyone who would like to learn a new language or wants to build on their existing language knowledge. People of all different ages, nationalities and backgrounds attend our courses. Some students join for work or business reasons, others for education, and many just to be able to converse with people when on holiday.
  When do I enrol?
  The sooner the better, to allow us to plan the class and the numbers effectively. If there are not enough bookings for a course, then we have to cancel and the course you wanted may be removed from the site.
  What if I miss a class?
  You can connect with our student intranet, our web based platform, and see what has been covered and download extra material. Alternatively, we offer catch-up classes where you can buy an hour with a tutor who will teach you the topics you have missed.
  What if I miss the first lesson?
  Please let us know so that we can inform your teacher.
  Can I join a class after it has started?
  Yes, we can accept students who join a class in the second week. Note, however, that there will be no course discount due to any missed classes.
  What if the class is too hard or too easy for me?
  Please speak to your teacher and contact us. Although we do not give refunds after the course has started, we will assess the situation and look to find a suitable solution. Be aware that it is quite normal to feel a little lost at times when learning a new language and you should not let such feelings get the better of you. Teaching techniques have improved over the years, but the requirements of students are much the same - practice, perseverance, patience.
  What size are the classes?
  Normally between 6 and 12 students, with a minimum of 4/5 students. If there are fewer bookings for a particular class then it is at our discretion whether the course will run. However, we will usually try and modify the course to reflect the smaller group (for example a reduction of hours, from 10 weeks to 8 weeks).
  What is your refund policy?
  For full information about cancellations and refunds, please visit our Terms page.
  Can I pay a deposit and then pay the rest later?
  No, you must pay the full amount at the time of booking.
  I like my teacher and classmates, can I continue with them next term?
  Please tell your teacher that you would like to continue with them to the next term and we’ll try to assign you to their next course.
  Why join a class?
  The structure of a course will help speed up your learning process, and you'll also meet other students you can learn and practise with.
  How many hours per week should I study?
  We recommend you study around 20 minutes per day. If you are studying online, you should then finish a Level 1 or Level 2 course in around 4 months (one unit a week). Enjoy learning!
  Why learn a language?
    Any trip abroad is greatly enhanced if you can converse with the local people.
    You find out about new cultures which helps you get a better understanding of your own culture.
    Learning a new language with other people is great fun.
    You meet new people.
    You meet new people.
    You meet new people.
    You meet new people.
    You meet new people.
    You meet new people.
    You meet new people.
    You meet new people.
    You meet new people.
    You meet new people.
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