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  French Language School   Italian Language SchoolFrench

Bonjour! Sample our French online course with different learning activities whilst making steady progress. Our easy-to-use platform includes simple story lines with speech-to-text interaction, memory games, quizzes, a leaderboard and much more. Try it free >>

Level: Beginner 1

  Italian Language School   Italian Language SchoolItalian

Have a look at our Italian online language course with very-easy-to-use interactive online learning activities and take the first step. Pronto? Try it free >>

Level: Beginner 1

  Dutch Language School   Spanish Language SchoolDutch

Take your first step to start speaking Dutch with our easy-to-use interactive learning platform and with the help of our native speakers Hans and Annie. Try it free >>

Level: Beginner 1

  Spanish Language School   Spanish Language SchoolSpanish

Dónde está...? Sample our Spanish online language course with our very easy-to-use interactive online learning activities. No obligations. Try it free >>

Level: Beginner 1

  Spanish Language School   Spanish Language SchoolHTML

Find out about our highly-acclaimed HTML course with video learning, and test your newly-gained knowledge with our interactive tools. Try it free >>

HTML Masterclass: From Zero to Advanced
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